A Day in the Life of AI’s Development Team

Accend Interactive uses the agile software development method for every project. Agile development allows for a smoother, more effective process within the team as the project evolves. Using this methodology allows for a high-level of client input throughout all stages of the development process - keeping the client in the loop when changes are necessary, saving time and money as an end result.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – OH MY!

Social media marketing is growing and if you’re not playing in the game, you could be losing the potential for growth. Developing a social media strategy is about building a community of existing customers and potential customers, it’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight but is effective when strategized correctly. At Accend Interactive, we understand that you are the content experts. We take your expertise and create a strategy that will encourage growth in your personal online community, which translates to more leads for your business.  

We don’t stop there - the marketing team will also develop and administer your email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising and more!  

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